Wooden Scandi Style Slide


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Which child does not dream of a slide at home? Create a home playground for your child and prevent boredom during bad weather! This slide is not just an indoor delight but also a perfect addition to any kids' room. On sunny days, take the fun outdoors, and easily wipe dry if the slide comes into contact with water.

Why Your Child Will Love It:

Their very own slide at home! Perfect for active, imaginative play, its safe design and easy climbing promote fun movement and creativity. The comfortable steps and smooth edges ensure a safe and enjoyable play experience. The addition of handles makes climbing easy and fun, promoting mobility around the house. Paired with a ball pit, it creates an exciting alternative to outdoor playgrounds, fostering endless imaginative play.

Why You'll Love It:

As a parent, you'll love watching your child play safely on our Wooden Scandi Slide. The durable and certified materials, including solid birch plywood covered with melamine, guarantee a secure and enjoyable playtime. The white color with natural wood edges adds a touch of Scandinavian charm to your home. Easy maintenance allows for quick cleanup with a damp cloth, making this slide a hassle-free addition to your child's play area.


      Wooden Scandi Slide, perfect for a home playground.
      Safe design: two comfortable steps with rounded edges.
      Handles for easy climbing, enhancing mobility.
      Versatile for indoor/outdoor use; simple to wipe dry.
      Ideal for children aged 1+, supports up to 30kg.
      Simple self-assembly, coupled with a sleek Scandinavian style.
      Enhances playtime, great when paired with a ball pit.
      Durable, easy-to-clean materials for hassle-free upkeep.



      Overall height - 68cm
      Width - 43cm


      Material: Solid birch plywood covered with melamine.

      Cleaning Instructions:
      Easily clean up dust or spills by simply wiping with a damp cloth.


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